The city of Valencia

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Valencia is the main city of Valencian Community, one of the 17 regions of Spain, it is on Mediterranean Sea from the east coast to the Iberian Peninsula.

It is generally a dynamic city, always in change, thanks to several extension and renovating projects, which give and continue to give it a new face in few years.

The city has a unique gift: to be able to live together a glorious history started in 138 b.C., together with innovative and avant-garde architecture.

From the ruins of roman forum in the ancient Valentia, funded during the consolarship of Giunio Bruto, found in the Plaza de la Virgen, up to the majestic complex of ciudad de la Artes y las Ciencias, a Santiago Calatrava masterpiece, the city transformed without changing anything of its history.

There are all the customs and traditions, the hundreds traditional parties which citizens have integrated with the contemporary time life; the celebration of Las Fallas, from 15th to 19th March, is one of the most meaningful example.

Thanks to mild winters and long and warm summers you can fully appreciate natural beauties, on the mountain and seaside, in Valencia and in the nearby. The city is full of Mediterranean area as people, which is open, welcoming and hospitable.

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Special offers!
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Discover our offers and choose the one that better suits your needs
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